9 New Games You Might Have Missed

Gaming this summer has been weird. Almost everyone I know has had way more time to play games – virtual escapism has probably hit an all time high – but with a generation of new consoles coming and no central press event like E3 to collect everything together it shouldn’t surprise anyone that announcements may have been missed.

That’s why I decided to put together a nice little list of the titles that have been announced this summer that you may have missed entirely.

Mortal Shell

Do we need more games like Dark Souls? No.
Are they gonna keep making them? Yes.
What are the chances that this game from an untested studio is going to be more Lords of the Fallen than Dark Souls? Probably about 60-70%.
Does this one have bondage chic, tho? Absolutely.

Chivalry 2

If you, like me, just assumed that Mordheim was Chivalry 2 in everything but name, this one may come as some surprise. After trying something different with Mirage, Torn Banner Studios are back with a follow up to one of my favourite games of 2012 (back in the good timeline).

Check it out, for the glory of agatha!

Space Crew

Bomber Crew was a game that took elements from FTL and applied them to a British aircraft bomber in World War 2. It had some great ideas, and was very well recieved despite… ahem… flying under the radar.

Space Crew is that, but in space. Wait, does that mean this is… just FTL? Probably best not to think too long on that.

Fall Guys

Fall Guys is a plasticine coloured, couch party game rendition of Total Wipeout (or Takeshi’s Castle if you want to look back a bit further).

Honestly, even if this ones a touch on the janky side we think it’ll still be great fun.


Carto appears to be a cute little adventure title with a simple gimmick: you can move chunks of the map around to change the world you’re running around in.

Pair that with a simple aesthetic and the cutest video game sheep ever, and you’ve got something that stands out.

Heavenly Bodies

If reading the name “Heavenly Bodies” makes you giggle a little bit, then Two-Point Interactive are on the right track already.

Similar to Heave Ho, in Heavenly Bodies it appears you can only control the characters arms. What’s different here, however, is a complete lack of gravity. We can only imagine the types of amusing puzzles and challenges that will make up the meat and bones of this title, and it comes replete with a two player mode too!

Gonner 2

Another follow up to an indie darling. The original Gonner was a great Game Pass get, and I’m more than pleased to see that studio follow it up with more. If you haven’t tried the first one and you have Game Pass already, what are you waiting for?

Scarlet Nexus

Operation Tango