YouTube Roundup: July 2020

August is here, and everything is still on fire! Here are your picks for my favourite gaming YouTube videos last month.


As Brian David Gilbert quotes in the latter quarter of this video: “Unraveled. Yes here were unfortunate doors that opened and couldn’t be closed again. It was best not to open them in the first place.”

A year long project to read every book in Halo. BDG is a truly superior being.

Highlight Reel

It’s still the best clip show in gaming YouTube. There’s a particularly brilliant clip from Ghost of Tsushima in this one involving enemy archers and some pretty dopey arrow mechanics.

The Jimquisition

God bless Jim Sterling. His best work this month rails against the self-consuming Nintendo fanbase.


Game Maker’s Toolkit

This video is essentially just a rundown of some highlights from the GMTK game jam but it’s a fascinating peek into some of the creative ideas that were used in the submissions.