Rumour: Sony are already planning the next Playstation upgrade.

That’s right, you’re hearing it here first folks. Despite how inexplicable and unlikely it is that this tiny site might have the connections to leak news this big, this is totally a real rumour and not one of those fake ones: Sony are already planning the next hardware iteration for the Playstation 4, currently codenamed “Playstation 4 Ultra”.

Despite only just announcing the Playstation 4 Pro and Playstation 4 Slim last night, we’re able to report that Sony are in fact planning to follow up with more hardware iterations only a year from their November 10th release. With this leak we were even able to acquire early promotional images of the Playstation 4 “Ultra” that are reminiscent of the marketing they were using last night:

Featured Image: PS4 Ultra
Sony’s Playstation 4 Ultra

Our source told us the Playstation 4 Ultra could potentially add as much as 25% extra flops, whatever that meant, and it’s high dynamic range was “more dynamic then any of that Xbox shit”. It’s going to be a must-buy for the discerning gamer, with a suggested Playstation 4 exchange campaign for current owners. “Essentially, we’re just cutting the old Playstation 4s in half and sticking them onto the Playstation 4 Pro.”

It was also suggested that this could be the start of a yearly hardware refresh cycle, “We can just keep sticking bits on. The punters will love it.” A quote our source alleges came directly from Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Andrew House.

Other potential names for the project were “the KitKat”, “Playstation Staircase”, “Scorpio 2” & “just stick some Playstation 4s together you twat”.

100XP will update you when we know more.