No Mention of Allegations in the Ubisoft Stream

Yes, that’s right, announcement season continues with another carefully contructed attempt to hype up gamers into marketing to themselves. This time we have Ubisoft, and their strange branding effort “Forward” which sort sounds like a command.

“No, you be soft forward. I want to be hard behind.”

Considering the numerous allegations and resignations at the company that point to there being a widespread rape culture amongst the senior staff I honestly wouldn’t be surprised to hear those words come out of Yves Guillemot’s mouth.

I was looking forward to another Viking game. I liked God of War and Hellblade, I would have been on board to play Valhalla. I’m not sure I can justify any interest now that I know how many people at Ubisoft probably took the “rape and pillage” bit of the viking legacy and ran with it.