YouTube Roundup: May

In this month’s YouTube roundup we have a few videos from regular favourites of mine, such as Boundary Break, Monster Factory and Game Maker’s Toolkit. Taking the prize for our video of the month, however, is People Make Games.

When I found out Quinns was joining the team at PMG, I knew he’d be focusing the lens on some unexpected areas in the gaming industry. This latest video focuses on a real brothel in not-real life sim SecondLife.

The term “online sex work” would likely bring to mind adult video streaming services long before anything like the world we’re introduced to, and it’s facsinating:

Boundary Break has an episode focusing on weird birds. It’s an odd choice to single out, but it’s entertaining none the less.


Game Maker’s Toolkit continues the series on stealth with a focus on how games deal with player detection.

Another episode of Monster Factory has the McElroys going back to a modded version of Dark Souls 3. A proper wheezer.

And, in what I hope to be a regular occurence, here’s the rest of the garbage I enjoyed: